Just you, Russell, some wine . . . it’s a date?

The Water Diviner, 8pm Friday 5 June
The Water Diviner, 8pm Friday 5 June

We are very excited about our opening night film!

Make a date with Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner (M) this Friday night. There will be wine, there will be food.

He’s a busy man, so he might not have had a chance to reply to our invitation.  You never know…

OK, so Russell will be on the Big Screen, and there will be a few others there, too – but it’s still a great night out, right?

Four years after the war, an Australian widower (Crowe) travels to Gallipoli to search for his three sons, missing in action. Even though his journey seems hopeless, it brings him unexpected allies and friendship. Heart-warming historical drama.